Energy Pathways Technique

  • Energy pathways balancing technique may assist the balancing of specific organ meridians.
  • Assist hormonal balancing for conditions such as PMS, Endometriosis, and menopause.
  • From a traditional Chinese medicine point of view, when there are imbalances and deficiencies in a person’s body, a blockage to the normal flow of energy through the body’s electrical circuit, otherwise known as a meridian occurs.
  • This imbalance and or blockage may occur in a specific meridian organ pathway which depending on which organ is effected will be related to particular types of conditions.
  • Removes the interference from meridian pathways and identify stress factors.
  • Computerised assessments may be performed at the time of a naturopathic visit.
  • Our assessments endeavour to understand what is stressing the body’s meridian pathways and thereby possibly causing imbalances. Imbalances may possibly cause symptoms of illness.
  • These disturbances to the meridian may cause some patients to have conditions such as PMS, Reflux, Digestive problems, Bloating and even pain.
  • These technique are totally drug free and non-evasive to the patient.
  • The technique works by the balancing of nutritional deficiencies in the body and thus restoring the body’s balance. This assist some patients with improvement to their symptoms of their condition.
  • Disruption to the energy flow to the meridian may also effect a person’s psychology profoundly.
  • The treatment involves the combination of acupuncture pressure points and/or acupuncture, chiropractic, oriental medicine and kinesiology (muscle strength testing).
  • The Energy Pathways balancing technique is performed one at a time, in a specific order and then cleared.
  • Very occasionally vitamin, mineral, herbal and homeopathic medicines may also be recommended to assist in this technique.
  • It is our belief that intolerances cause the meridians of the body to become blocked causing imbalances of the nutrients in the body, stomach acid, digestive enzymes and the hormonal balance.
  • This reaction may possibly occur through ingestion, inhalation or through contact directly to the skin.
  • Our technique aims to begin a process of balancing and restoration of the body’s equilibrium nutrients, hormones and the meridian balance.

energy pathway

What May Cause Imbalance to Occur

  • Exposure to pollutants that we inhale and touch.
  • Poor dietary intake.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • All of the above may cause the body’s organs to become weakened leading to symptoms of illness.
  • The Energy Pathways balancing technique may assist some patients to re-balance and restore the health and wellbeing.