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What to expect in a consultation

This will consist of a comprehensive consultation where we will have you fill health questionnaires and we will ask many questions to help establish where your condition started.  Then we will establish a comprehensive protocol of how we will treat your condition.

We will use Applied Kinesiology alongside physical tests to get a complete picture of where the primary complaint originated from. First assessment includes assessment for sensitivities to basic nutrition. After the first assessment you will receive a booklet with more information about the technique we use and a protocol of what nutritional balancing may be needed to relieve your primary complaint.

Treatment costs

Initial appointment is $120 for 1hr

Follow up treatments is $85 for 25 minutes


Clinic Address

Western Suburbs

Mobile: 0419 810 784



Appointments can be made Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30am to 5:00pm. Please call to book an appointment or if you have an enquiry call or email.

Consultations are taken on Tuesdays and Thursday and messages can be left on answering machine and calls will be returned as soon as possible.