Brain Balancing Technique

We believe that when the brain is balanced restoration of the body’s equilibrium, nutrients, hormones and the meridian balance will be assisted. Brain Balancing techniques include Nutritional Energy Balancing and Brain Balancing Technique discovered by Chiropractor Dr. Robert Melillo.

Brain Balancing technique is based on Dr Melillo’s literature and his reported successful assistance of about 1,000 children to date.

Dr. Robert Melillo believes that children with under developed brains otherwise known as functional disconnection syndrome (FDS) require specific stimulation to the brain to stimulate the under developed parts to grow.

This Brain Balancing technique combines the following therapies; sound therapy, vestibular therapy, tactile stimulation, aromatherapy, posture exercise, visual exercise, light stimulation and spinal stability.

Vestibular therapy (is necessary as it is related to the inner ear system, balance and spatial awareness).

Tactile stimulation (is necessary because more often that not FDS children do not have a normal feeling of pain and touch).

Aromatherapy (is used to stimulate the ability to smell properly as Children with FDS will either lack the ability to smell at all or be so hypertensive to smells that they will comment on everything they smell and as a consequence will be extremely fussy eaters).

Posture exercise (is necessary to improve and strengthen the large muscles that stabilise the spine as kids with FDS often have balance problems and appear to have weak leg and arm muscles).

Visual exercise (is necessary to strengthen the weak side of the brain so that the child can both focus on detail as well as see the bigger picture which is important for learning and comprehension).

Light stimulation (is important as it will improve the child’s ability to both read and copy writing from a whiteboard).

Spinal stability