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Sophie Georgonicas

Sophie Georgonicas completed her Diploma of Applied science and Natural therapies with Honours, majoring in skin disorders in 1993. She studied at the SA College of Natural Therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practicing ever since. Sophie has been practicing holistic natural medicine for over 19 years and is very passionate and dedicated in helping people reach good health and wellbeing the holistic way. She have developed a wide range of skills and specialised treatment plans, techniques that come from both Australia and overseas in order to aid and assist her patients holistic recovery.

Holistic Approach to Healing

We do our best to get to the root of your primary complaint. So whether it’s a physical, chemical or emotional stress or just the effect of today’s busy lifestyle and life situations that so many of us get effected by. The treatment plan may involve one, or a combination of specialized therapies, techniques aimed at helping improve your health.It may involve relevant supplements necessary  for nutritional balancing. Occasionally hair mineral analysis may be necessary to assess biochemical results more thoroughly. These natural therapies have been in existence for thousands of years.

It is our belief that the root of health problems are a result of imbalance of spirit, mind and body. We are dedicated to assess and search for the most effective therapy which may alleviate those symptoms.

Professional Qualifications

Diploma of Natural Therapies with Honours

Diploma of Applied Science

Diploma of Herbal Medicine

Diploma of Homoeopathy

Diploma of Nutrition

Diploma of Remedial Therapies

Certificate of Acupuncture

Certificate of Kinesiology

Diploma of Iridology

Certificate of Neuro-Muscular Massage

Diploma of Janesce Ageless Skin and Body Care (Skin Disorders Seminars)

Certificate of Counselling

NAET training in USA



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